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About the company


With us, the winds are always favourable.

In order for a wind farm to operate effectively, it is key that power plants are properly serviced.

At DEFIWIND, we use our experience to carry out all necessary maintenance and repair work efficiently, quickly and professionally.

In cooperation with the operators of wind farms, we invest in the future based on our environmentally friendly approach.
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Vision & Mission

We believe in renewable energy

Simple solutions always come from nature, which is why we focus on alternative energy sources. We share our passion and commitment so that our clients can have peace of mind running their business.

We help wind farms operate efficiently and produce renewable energy. We adjust our working time to our customers’ needs, even in the most extreme situations.

Our activities are guided by the highest safety standards. We understand quality through clearly defined procedures and adherence to integrated management systems. We have the necessary certificates and authorizations.

You are welcome

You are welcome

Would you like to become a wind turbine technician or improve your professional skills? We will assist you in conducing GWO training and completing all formalities.
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